In Islam and the Qur’an: The Queen of Sheba

the fatal feminist

So tell the tale—perhaps they will reflect. (Qur’an 7:176)

There are several different accounts of the Queen of Sheba–in Islam, Judaism, Christianity, and I suspect in religions and cultures outside of these–for she was an extraordinarily intelligent and open-minded queen regnant, who ruled by her own right a flourishing kingdom with expansive international trade, exceptional agriculture, highly advanced irrigation systems, enormous water dams, and architecture of complex and breath-taking design. Oh, and magic.

Rumor has it that she also kind of got a kick out of invading other lands and constantly winning with her practically unconquerable army.

Despite the assertions of Muslim men that women should not be any type of leader, the Qur’an not only gives us the Queen of Sheba as an example of a powerful and successful ruler but also praises her individuality, intelligence, and politics. In fact, while some make the claim that the Queen married…

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