“The phone rang. It was my college rapist.”

They said they do not want Carl (and or anyone protecting him now) incriminated, but I cannot help but feel that something must be done directly about this.

I will support Fusion Comics I will continue to volunteer. I will support Men Can Stop Rape and share this with TWIB Nation (because it seems right up their alley), but still.

This is beyond the real folk blues. This is more than a red wedding. This is a night of chimera’s cry. TRIGGER WARNING and SOS.

What more can we do? About this case? To change the reality where Carl ever get the idea in their head that…

Dear Students, and whom ever else it may concern,

Never make rape jokes. Now you know why.


As told to Jen Sorensen by Anonymous

In November 2014, not long after the Bill Cosby rape allegations blew up in the news, a friend of mine reached out to tell me her own story of sexual assault and asked if I would draw a comic about her experience.

The friend, whom I’ll call Alison, was assaulted after unknowingly ingesting some sort of tranquilizing agent during her senior year at college in the early 1970s; she was 21 years old. Alison says that her goal in telling her story is not to incriminate her assailant but to raise awareness about what she calls “an insidious problem of powerful men who think they can get away with abuse.” Although some details have been changed to protect identities, I have tried to tell Alison’s story in her own words as much as possible.—JS


Jen Sorensen is the editor of Fusion’s Graphic Culture…

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