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Dealing With Trolls And Assorted Hate Online

Erin Matson

I have experienced a fair amount of trolling in my day. The trolling has occurred in my Twitter mentions, on Facebook, by email, in comment boxes, in paper mail, in voicemails, on blogs, and by call-ins to television and radio programs on which I have been a guest. It has been directed at me personally and organizations I’ve been affiliated with. Garbage like this can come with the territory when you’re a feminist, and especially when you’re a woman on the Internet.

At its most garden variety, the trolling is a never-ending stream of comments on my sluttiness, my stupidity, and my appearance. The trolls can’t decide if I’m super ugly, or hot and have good “jugs.” The focus is never my actual appearance so much as baldly sexist attempts to reduce my worth to my appearance. Ah, and how could I forget — I am an advocate for reproductive health, rights, and justice…

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It Happened for a Reason

Pug-Flavored Sub.

A brief summary of human existence. A brief summary of human existence.

On May 10, 2015, at about 12:15 AM, I was taking the subway home after enjoying a few beers and some comedy with some classmates of mine. I was riding down from Walnut-Locust to Snyder, a ride that I’ve made countless times with little trouble in the past four years I’ve lived in South Philly. And from this point out, my story becomes like something that most women and girls have probably heard at least a thousand times in their lives when they dare to go outside by themselves: “Be careful. Don’t drink anything. Don’t dress too flashy. Don’t go anywhere by yourself, and for the love of god, carry pepper spray.”

I was in a short skirt and t-shirt that night because it was hot as balls. I drank a couple of beers because, hey, I like beer. I had ridden the subway…

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Feminist activist Grace Mann murdered; blogger blames her death on feminist jokes about misandry

Tell me gain how there is no war on women…

we hunted the mammoth

Murdered feminist activist Grace Mann Murdered feminist activist Grace Mann

Last month, police say, University of Mary Washington student and feminist activist Grace Mann was murdered — bound and asphyxiated by a male housemate and fellow student.

An antifeminist blogger is blaming her death on feminist jokes about misandry. 

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